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Modern technology has evolved so much that it has invented contemporary standards in working and finding jobs. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the best freelance jobs that are famous around the civilized world.

The internet made people come so close, that whether a seller is in one corner of the world, the buyer can purchase products from him. Technology has made it easy for an individual to boost up his earnings. Thanks to the internet, in the present circumstances, we can call our world a global village.

If you want to start your crier as a freelancer, one thing that you require to hold on to in your mind is, it is a lot more complicated in the beginning than might think. Your academic success typically depends upon how professional grip you ordinarily have on your specific skill. There is an apparent reason why some graphic designers get paid $5 and other hundreds of dollars on fiver. Getting paid well typically depends upon your unique expertise, experience, and unique quality of work. 

It is necessary to identify your market and observe which types of skill and best freelance jobs are getting frequently paid. You have to learn a skill that will pay you accordingly as your hard work. Acquiring an inadequate skill that maintains limited output or that is far dead, will not earn you any profit, only waste your ample time. Therefore, it is significant you must undergo ample research based on which skill are you going to learn.


There are lots of online jobs that you should wisely prefer. Whether you are genuinely thinking of doing it full time or part-time, you will not only earn money from it but equally enjoy working as a freelancer.

So which are the high paying best freelance jobs are? Continue reading to find out.

Graphic Designing

best freelance jobs

Graphic designing is one of the most demanding skill on fiver and up-work. A graphic designer with a few years of experience can earn a lot more money than any other job. Graphic designing includes:

  • LOGO DESIGNING: A logo represents a unique symbol that is used as a brand identity and represents a company. It provides recognition to the company’s customers. Businesses and companies spend an excessive amount of money on logos. There is an excessive demand for a graphic designer as a logo designer on freelancing websites. It is one of the best freelance jobs.
  • ART AND ILLUSTRATOR: Illustration includes tracing, sketching, vector, t-shirt designing arts etc.
  • MOTION GRAPHICS: Motion graphics are any type of graphics in motion like cartoons , gifs , animations, video games etc
  • ADVERTISING GRAPHICS: Different companies and businesses always need a graphic designer for their advertisements, for flyer and brochure designing, posters, banners and billboards, magazines and newspapers, menus and postcards, etc.
  • UI GRAPHICS: UI helps user to interact with the application. User interfaces of application software and web pages are designed by a UI graphic designer.

Software and Web Developers

If you are a student of software engineering, computer engineering, or computer science One of the best freelance jobs as part-time or full time, are working as a software and web developer. There is a great demand for web and software development.

A software developer can develop software, which depends upon his expertise in the related field. If you are a computer student and you have a good grip on any computer language, you can sell this service on different freelance websites as a software developer, there is a greater chance of your success in a freelance world.

Web development includes website development using HTML, PHP, javascript, or using WordPress. If you have learned any web development language, then there is a higher chance of you being hired. Similarly, there is a huge demand for WordPress web developers.

If you sincerely want to make money, you need to learn how to code. You need to practice hard to positively enhance your coding skills. It pays the highest for freelancers. Only because Web development, software development, app development is a relatively hard and difficult skill to acquire and there aren’t many programmers out there in the freelance market


These days, Photography is one of the best freelance jobs and one of the most effective ways of making money. If you possess good photographic skills then you would earn a lot of considerable money by selling your pictures on freelance websites like fiver or The Creative Loft. There are frequently more websites where you can sell your photographs.

Earning depends upon the quality of work and the specific type and style you provide. There are many websites where you can sell your stock of photos like:

Content Writing

Many websites hire freelance content writers. It is one of the best freelance jobs in the freelance market. If you have got good writing skills and have the knowledge, how to write blogs and articles, you can generate good revenue. Again it depends upon the quality of work. There is an apparent reason why some content writers get paid $5 and other hundreds of dollars.

There are some websites like Hubpages where you can publish your article, and you get paid whenever someone views or click your ad. This method is not as much profitable but you can earn some pocket money.

Not everyone is a skilled writer. You need a creative mind, you need to write a lot, practice a lot and most importantly read a lot, to enhance your writing skills.

Video Editing

Another best freelance jobs are of video editors. Video editing is one of the most diverse fields. As a lot more traffic is moving towards video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, the demand for video editors has also increased on freelance platforms and progressively become the best freelance jobs.

This field’s economic output typically depends upon your unique expertise, experience, and level. If you are incredible with putting together video clips with some animations then this would be one of the most productive careers to get into

Data Entry

Many companies hire data entry operators for typing and updating purposes. Data entry is a vast field. It is a field in which data is entered or updated into the computer using a keyboard. You can work as a part-time or full-time data entry operator and promote your services on freelancing websites.

part time online jobs

Data Entry is one of the highly paid tasks and one of the best freelance jobs. Typically data entry includes, maintaining of the record, updating databases, making spreadsheets, updating records, writing papers in Ms word, typing and editing an official document, making presentations, making word documents, and much more, are Data Entry related best freelance jobs.

Data Entry is one of the highly paid best freelance jobs. With the highest selling services on fiver and up-work, it has befitted one of the top-ranked part-time and full-time jobs just like graphic designing.

Social Media Manager

Nowadays representing your unique brand and company on social media platforms is much more important than it ever be. Social media aids to gain a huge amount of traffic and helps you to accurately represent your company world wide. It has become a significant part of marketing strategies. Every vast and small business utilize social media to promote their products and company.

This has instantly opened a new industry and an ample opportunity for freelancers where they can properly manage social media accounts for their clients. Working as a freelance social media manager, you can earn thousands of dollars annually.

SEO Specialist

SEO is a technique that ensures that your website ranks high on search engine platforms like Google and Bing. Ranking high on a search engine means more traffic. SOE is an important and key ingredient for ranking your website. SEO is not the only way to generate traffic but it is more important than others because it generates organic traffic.

An SEO specialist must know the core concepts of SEO. He must know-how at the back end a website works. Some of the key concepts that you should know to build your reputation as an SEO specialist are:

  • Key Word Research: Writing blogs on the website is all about generating organic traffic. So keyword research is one of the core requirements. You can use Google Keyword planner or any other paid services.
  • Search Engine crawlers: Crawlers are the bots that continuously analyze data for indexing on search engine platforms. It is important for an SEO expert to now how crawlers work. Although their rules change regularly for legit websites with quality content should be indexed higher.
  • Back-links Building: If a website has quality content, then people want to link back to it. It is one of the hardest parts of SEO. An SEO expert should know how to generate back-links.


It is one of the hard skills to capture. You need a magical voice and expensive equipment to provide quality work for the clients. It is one of the best freelance jobs in the market.Some of the best sites other than freelancing websites are Voices and Voice123 .

When selecting any of the best freelance jobs, don’t select a career just because it pays well. First, undergo good research on what market demands and then follow your passion. That passion inside you makes you do more and would encourage you to improve your skill. This would ultimately lead you to earn more. You undoubtedly have to work hard in the beginning. Be patient.

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Muhammad Faisal
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