How to get orders on Fiverr | Top 5 best ways

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In today’s article, I will tell you how to get orders on Fiverr. I will also tell you the best 5 ways from which you can get your first order on Fiverr. So this is how you will know “How to get orders on Fiverr”

First of all, I want to make something clear to you guys. there is a myth created among all of you that only top-rated sellers and level 1 or level 2 sellers get orders on Fiverr. This is totally a very very wrong concept.

People usually say that they don’t get orders on Fiverr but this is actually very wrong. They just don’t want to give their time and expect to get orders. They think the people who are on level 2 or are top-rated have been there from their birth.

I must clear you all guys that these people were new sellers once upon a time. They worked hard, They invested their time and improved their skills to grow on freelancing platforms.

how to get orders on fiverr

So here it is a YouTube channel with name HBA Services so this channel’s name resembles the name of our website right? yes, it is my YouTube channel. There are a lot of positive comments on the videos of this channel so let us go deep in this channel.

Today we will discuss the topic “How to get orders on Fiverr” which is also available on this Youtube Channel but as usual, we will go deep in this article because this website is an article or blogging website.

Here everything is explained in detail. So you guys just don’t need to panic and read carefully what I am writing today in this article which is covering the topic “How to get orders on Fiverr”

So I repeat most of the people think that on a freelancing website like Fiverr the sales are given to the top-rated sellers or the orders are only given to the top-rated seller which is completely wrong.

If you guys still think like this then let me give you a solid reason not to think like this. If only top-rated sellers get an order on Fiverr then how these people reached to top-rated seller level. This cannot be possible right.

A freelancing website cannot make any progress or it cannot survive until and unless it supports new sellers and new people making accounts on these websites. So I suggest and advise you guys to remove this thought from your mind.

You cannot progress in any of the freelance websites if you think like this. I am not saying that you won’t find it difficult to get orders on Fiverr. In the beginning, it will be a little bit difficult to get orders on any of the freelancing websites.

The reason behind this is that most of the people in the market do not know you. You have to be familiar with the market in case you want to progress. This can only be possible if you guys work hard and get orders on Fiverr.

How to get orders on Fiverr

So now without wasting any further time lets start today’s article, which is about How to get orders on Fiverr or How to get your 1st order on Fiverr. In today’s article, I will tell you Top 5 best ways to get your 1st order on Fiverr.

From 5 of these techniques or ways, I recommend you first 4. There is a reason behind this. If you don’t follow the first 4 techniques then you guys won’t be able to get orders on Fiverr.

What about the 5th method? The 5th method is a paid method and I don’t recommend you guys to follow this method or I just don’t suggest this method. But if you guys still want to follow this method then you can.

It is your choice to go with the 5th method because it requires a little amount of money. But you guys have to follow the first 4 methods in case you want to get your 1st order on Fiverr.

Coming back to our article’s main topic “How to get orders on Fiverr”. I repeat one last time that to implement the 5th method you guys first need to implement the first 4 methods. If you guys don’t follow the instructions properly then you will result in nothing.

As Fiverr will ban your account and your investment or money will also be wasted and I won’t give you any guarantee over that particular thing. So please in order to get your 1st order on Fiverr. You must read the article carefully.

Tip#1 Profile Setup (How to get orders on Fiverr)

The first thing that comes here is the profile setup. What is meant by the profile setup? Profile setup means adding a profile image, Adding a good description, Adding Depth in the descriptions and Providing good gig images.

I have explained these things related to the Fiverr profile setup in my Article “Fiverr SEO”.

You can take an idea from the description of top-rated sellers as you can go to their accounts and just take an idea from there. Or else just copy the description and add it to your description doing some little amount of necessary changes.

Now ladies who say that they cannot share their profile picture on Fiverr and what to do about this. So I want to say that Fiverr is not Facebook. It is a professional marketplace where buyers give orders.

If you still don’t want to share your profile pictures due to any reason then you don’t have to panic just make an account on the name of your father and simply work on it. This will resolve the issue and you all can work easily without any problem.

On Fiverr, you can any bank account to it as there is no security concern related to this on Fiverr. But if you are making an ID on Upwork then it will be a bit difficult to do this as Upwork verify everything and the account has to be of the person who will be using the ID.

There is one more thing that is most important on any of the freelancing platforms you are working on. That is the information you provided must be true. Everything that you are telling or providing to the freelancing website has to be true.

So after completing your profile set up, you should come on to the next step that is keyword research.

Tip#2 Keyword Research (Low Competitive)

Now the second tip is Keyword Research. Yes, it is now one of the most important things on any of the freelancing platforms because the competition has become very tough nowadays and you guys have to be very competitive in every aspect.

You have to target low competition keywords in order to get orders on Fiverr. I am saying it loud and clear that if you don’t do keyword research then you guys won’t be able to get single order on Fiverr. Yes, not even a single order because the competition is now very very tough.

I suggest you guys do proper keyword research and you guys should target long keywords on Fiverr as on them the competition is very very low and you guys can get order very quickly as ranking the gig number one on that will be a bit easy.

I have written a proper article on Fiverr keyword research if you guys are interested in reading that article then I am giving you the link of the article which is “Fiverr SEO”. If you read this article carefully then you will be able to keyword research.

So if you want to make a gig on Fiverr the first thing that you have to do is Keyword Research. For example, if you are making a gig in the category of graphic design which is about Logo Design. Then you don’t have to target just “Logo Design”.

Try going for a longer keyword like “Minimalist Logo Design” this will help you guys in ranking your gig on the first page on Fiverr. Which will in future results in many orders. Why I have said this? Why should we target long keywords?

The reason behind this is that if you target short keywords then your competition will be with 80 thousand people and if you target long keywords then your competition will be with at least 60 to 70 Percent fewer people.

Now the third technique which comes to play an important part in getting an order on Fiverr is Gig creation.

Tip#3 Gig Creation (SEO Friendly Gig)

What you guys have to do after the first two techniques is to create an SEO friendly gig. Yes create an SEO friendly gig, You can take an example from any of the top-rated seller’s accounts. Don’t repeat any keyword a number of times.

Don’t fo keyword stuffing as this will result in a non SEO friendly description that will not help you guys to make your gig rank number one on Fiverr. The method is quite simple and you have to follow the simple steps.

You have to focus on Gig Title, Gig Tags and Gig description that how the top-rated sellers have used it to make their gig SEO friendly. I have written a proper article on this so you guys can go and check the article. I am giving the link to the article at the end of this article.

So, guys, you have to make an SEO friendly gig in order to rank your gig number 1 on Fiverr.

A mistake that you guys make

Most of you guys make a mistake that is you guys repeat a certain word a lot of time which will result in an error that will look somehow like this.

So you guys need to focus on this thing while making any gig. Do not repeat any word a number of times. which will take you away from the objective that is how to get orders on Fiverr.

Doing such and uploading correct images and descriptions with prices will result in the publishing of gigs. Otherwise, your gig will go into the draft and you guys have to make certain changes to make it visible to the audience.

Tip#4 Marketing (Share Your Gig)

Now comes the most important part of all the 5 techniques. This is marketing. You have to share your gig on various platforms in order to engage the audience. Your product is made and it is completed.

So just make the gig and do proper marketing of it. Doing so will result in impressions, clicks, views and last but not the least orders. Yes, you will get orders if you promote your gigs. you have to share your gigs on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Now you guys will ask me how to find clients. I knew about this so I already wrote an article “Fiverr SEO” on this topic and I am providing you the link to the article at the end of this article. Go read that article completely and get your 1st sale.

I assure you guys that if you guys read the articles correctly then you guys will be able to get your orders very very quickly. After reading this you will understand how to get orders on Fiverr.

If you guys have decided you have to work online then you guys have to give your best to get an order because Fiverr has not taken the responsibility nor as I to provide you guys the orders. It is you who have to take orders from various different platforms.

If you guys are not ready to work hard and make efforts then no one will give you orders Fiverr won’t provide you order if you are sitting at home chilling, doing nothing and hoping for a miracle to happen.

Fiverr will only support you if you are ready to work hard and make efforts. Fiverr will give you a platform on which you can grow your business and on which you can secure your business.

Now the 5th and the last method and I must repeat that I don’t recommend you guys to use this method but in case you have some investment and want to have a little quick response then this method is surely for you.

Tip#5 Paid Orders (Not Recommended)

So how you guys can have a paid order? This seems interesting? So you guys would have seen the various post on Facebook that “We are providing Fiverr Reviews”

What are they doing? Basically they are selling paid orders. What is meant by paid orders? Paid orders are the ones from which you can easily get a review on Fiverr. They usually say that they are selling $5 order, $10 order and so on.

I suggest you guys take sales from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The purpose of taking sales from these countries is that the customer of these countries provides authentic sales at a greater price.

There is a proper way of taking sales from Facebook. You don’t need to panic as I am going to tell each and everything as I told you about How to get orders on Fiverr.

Nothing should look fake. You have to place the order in a correct and precise manner. He should be coming from a link or he should be coming to your gig through search.

If he is coming from search then you can easily tell him the keyword and tell that your gig is on 3rd or whatever page it is on. Doing so will result in an authentic order and the Fiverr customer support won’t be able to detect whether the order is real or fake.

This is the best method. As the buyer will come to your gig he will message you. Then you guys have to do a proper conversation. You will ask for any attachment if you want it. After then your buyer will simply place the order.

Then you have to take the exact time in which the order should be delivered as the time approaches that time then you should deliver the order.

After this, your client will write a nice review for you and you have to do the same by writing a good review for him or her. This is how you will be able to get an order on Fiverr. If you did not do this and don’t take precautions this will result in waste.

Conclusion On How to get orders on Fiverr

The last method or technique is quite risky as you don’t follow the proper step and you are new to Fiverr and don’t know how to contact the buyer and how to have a conversation with him then this method is surely not for you.

But I assure you guys that if you follow the first 4 techniques carefully with efforts then you guys will be able to get orders on Fiverr very quickly. I hope you guys would have liked the article “How to get orders on Fiverr”.

For more articles like this please comment down below. Thank you!


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