How to Get Orders On Fiverr?

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Due to awareness on social media platforms especially on YouTube, many of you got familiar with freelancing.If you are one of those people who have just commenced their freelancing journey on Fiverr, You are in the exact place. I will show you How to Get Orders on Fiverr.

After hearing enough about such a vast field, and its precedence over traditional jobs, many of you might have been attracted to freelancing. If you were thinking the only thing that you would have to do is to make a gig and that’s all, then you have been manipulated.

You might have published your first gig thinking that now everything would be fine and you would get orders on the fiverr. It isn’t that straight forward. As new sellers are eagerly joining each day, receiving your first order would be trickier than you think.

If you are one of those people who have just commenced their freelancing journey on Fiverr, You are in the exact place. I will show you How to Get Your First Order on Fiverr. If you follow all the steps listed below then you would be able to receive orders on the fiver and after that things would become frequently easier.

Initially, you need to know it’s not just about making your gigs published, you need to know how fiver works. First and for most objective efficiently is to rank yourself on the first page. The fiver has a complete algorithm running at its back end, which search for a set of points that your gig must have in order to rank it.

How to Get Orders On Fiverr

Over View

Before everything, before even making your profile, first, you genuinely need to go through some steps. These steps will grant you recognize what are you good at, and how you should initially start your freelance career. This requires considerable expertise in any of the specific skills. Once you maintain a proper grip over your skills then follows the steps below:

Recognize Your Skill

Properly select a specific skill according to your genuine interest. Attain it and practice hard. Achieve professional-level expertise. Once you have achieved a pro-level in your specific skill, now it’s proper time to represent yourself on freelancing websites. These websites are like a unique opportunity and a gateway to your bright freelance career.

Setup Your Profile

The next step is to set up your profile on the fiverr. Your earnings initially depend upon how you set up your profile. Spend some time for establishing your profile. Consider this the backbone of your earnings. Your profile should look professional because the first direct interaction of the potential client would be with your profile.

Your profile picture should accurately reflect your brand or professionalism. Your description should properly convey a mellow vibe of professionalism. Your description should reflect your experience.

Setup Your Gig

Once you have set up your profile next step is to make a gig. It depends on which platform you have selected. On some websites like the fiverr, you have to make a gig. Your profile is your shop and gig reflects what your shop possesses.

On other platforms you have to bid, you have to address proposals. If you are one of those people who have just commenced their freelancing journey on Fiver, You are in the exact place. I will show you How to Get Orders on Fiverr.

In-depth Research| How to Get Orders on Fiverr

How to Get Orders On Fiverr

Complete research is required before promptly publishing your gig. This necessary research typically contains keyword research, keyword implementation, optimization, competitive analysis.

Having sufficiently a strong on-page SEO of your description and keywords helps you a lot in ranking your gig on the first page of the search result.

Keyword Research

So what are keywords? These represent those words that a buyer more likely type in the fiver search box. If some specific keyword has more search volume then others, that means more buyers are keenly interested in that specific category. But you need to play intelligently.

Fiver keyword research represents a significant part in gig making. It is the first necessary thing that you should perform before properly making your gig. It is the primary key for ranking your gig rank on the first page.

You dearly need to search those keywords which have high search volume but typically have a fewer number of gigs. This would immediately decrease your competition and will aid you to rank your gig on the first page of search results.

The keyword word research is not complicated. Just stick around, in the end, you would be capable to optimize your fiverr gigs if you apply these steps.If you manage to implement this step, then the question how to get orders on fiverr nearly would become Irrelevant.

So first thing that you need to do while searching for a keyword is :

Search Tags

Search tags are those keywords that a buyer uses while searching for a keyword in a search bar. Now enter any main keyword for which you desired to make a gig, like logo designing, article writing, etc. Suppose I want a logo designing service.

An auto-complete dropdown would help you to find the keyword that most buyers have searched for.

It is obvious that you can not use all of them, now you need to select a keyword out of these having low competition i-e having less number of services available.

Find More Relevant Keyword

Once you have properly selected your primary main keyword, implementing the efficient method mentioned above, inscribe it down and follow me to the next step, which is to find a more relevant keyword.

  • Search your selected main keyword in the search bar and open 5 to 10 top-ranked gigs. Suppose our selected main keyword is as shown below:
How to Get Orders On Fiverr
  • From each gig, search for related tags portion and copy all the tags. Make a list of the copied tags.Out of all those keywords, select the 3 to 4 those keywords that have been used frequently.
How to Get Orders On Fiverr
  • These would be your secondary relevant keywords. Right them down with your main primary keyword list.

Keyword Implementation

Now, we are done with searching a keyword and relevant keyword, the next step is to implement it in our gig title and description.

  • Firstly, stuff all the keywords that you have searched, in the gig title bar. Of course, that doesn’t make any sense for a while but we will change that later. Write a sensible descriptive gig description using your main primary keyword in the first line and relevant keywords in your description sensibly.
  • Before publishing your gig change your gig title and insert your main primary keyword in it, making an eye-catching sensible title. The first step will allow you to copy all of your keywords in your gig’s URL.
  • Now your main primary keyword is in gig’s URL, in the title, and in your description moreover, relevant keywords are in your tags URL and your gig’s description. This would increase your keyword authority and will help you to rank.

Gig Images/Video Optimization

Till now we have searched for the main primary keyword. We have selected a relevant keyword. Our keywords are in the gig’s URL. We have used our primary keyword in the gig’s title in an attractive way. Spend some time writing a good description using all of our searched keywords. Now, what’s left?

Here’s an important part, you need to optimize your gig images and videos too. This can be achieved if you rename them with your primary and secondary keywords.

Write a Good Description

Your Gig description is the backbone of your entire gig. A well-written description has the potential to attract more buyers. Your description is the first thing buyers interact with after opening your gig. So you should convey a good impression using your words.

A good description should have:

  • Attractive Intro: Your intro should capture the buyer’s attention. You can use your main primary keyword used in a proper sensible way.
  • Bio: Tell buyer your experience in one line
  • Detailed Description: Provide a complete detailed description using your selected keywords.

Beat Your Competitor

Once everything has been set up and you have published your gig, the next step efficiently is to outperform your fierce competitor. There might be some gigs ranked higher, so at this specific point, you dearly need to analyze those gigs ranked higher than yours. Read their title and description. They might have some flaws in their keyword usage.

See their active tags and offers. If you think you can surpass them by handling your service at a more reasonable price, go for it. This would capture the buyer’s attention. There might be some necessary parts that need improvements.

Edit your gig keeping in view all those key points that need to be typically improved. Through these methods, you can defeat your competitor, in ranking as well as you will gain buyer’s interest.

The key behind creating a successful gig is to search diligently a right low competitive keyword and then implementing it accurately. It undoubtedly plays a significant role in your gig’s optimization and ranking. A gig published through proper keyword research, proper implementation, and then properly optimizing your gig media using those keywords will pay you off with the most encouraging results.

In case, you won’t succeed, you need to keep on trying. Do it again but this time make your self your competitor. Search for your flaws. Outperform yourself this time. You will commit mistakes. You will get stuck but you have to keep on eagerly trying and keep moving forward. 

You undoubtedly have to work hard in the beginning. Just be patient, wait for your time. This is the profound secret behind the incredible success of all professional freelancers.

If you find this article helpful or helped you in, either way, do share your experience in the comment section. Share your struggle with others for motivation.

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