How you Should Set Bigger Goals?

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Everyone wants to become successful in his life. But your success does not depend upon what you want, it depends on what you strive for. If you strive for the bigger goals that you want to achieve, you will achieve them one day or the other. The key is to keep on trying.

Many of us do routine work unconsciously. Most of the time our routine keeps on reflecting itself everyday. This is because we have not scheduled our tasks.  The routine that is made through proper thinking and spending time consciously has a greater and long lasting impact on our life. 

Scheduling is another name of setting up your goals. But scheduling is part of our daily routine. Of course there are some goals that are important to us more than our scheduled routine tasks. But our career and financial success depend on them.

It  is human nature to be in his comfort zone all the time. But we have to sacrifice our comfort for our better future. Our success depends on our actions and behavior. Successful people always have a vision , a goal which they strive for. Similarly we have to leave our comfort zone, set up a vision, a bigger goal to get success.  

A best life is a life that is designed well. By designing a life I mean that it should have a purpose and by purpose i mean to set up bigger goals. A purposeless life is like an ancient mummy, wrapped in strips of clothes , but doing nothing, except it is only a showcase. That’s why Giving purpose to your life and making bigger goals  is important. But most important is to strive for the vision you have.

bigger goals

Keep your eyes on the sky and feet on the ground. Keep your dreams high, keep bigger goals, and then struggle hard to achieve them. But once you have achieved them, don’t let greed or show off conquer you. Don’t let your feet leave the ground. Always remember what you were before all this fam and success.Thinking like this will always encourage you to strive more

According to Forbes, 92% of the people fail and only 8% of them get success. It’s not a bad thing that you are in those 92%, but being in that state without striving is a real shame. You need to keep on trying. Your failure should be like a driving force for you to struggle more.

Why you Should Set Bigger Goals

Life would be meaningless without a goal. Big goals allow you to believe that it’s possible. The level that you want to achieve, will be like an achievable desire but once you make it your dream, you start thinking that it is achievable. That if you struggle hard, it is possible for you to accomplish it. 

Setting bigger goals will change the way you think. You start seeing every  hardship like it’s possible for you to tackle it. This sense of seeing things will bring a new change within you. Setting up a bigger goal will push you towards taking the risk, resulting in some wins and some losses. Your losses will help you to struggle more and your wins would encourage you, that it’s possible.

Bigger goals will help you to test yourself. Setting up bigger goals will help you to experiment new hypotheses. Of course you will make mistakes, but those mistakes will pave the way for your success. The carbon is put under great pressure to make it a diamond. Your mistakes and struggle is the process of making you a diamond.

When we set bigger goals that are hard to achieve, we struggle more.We set some limitations and constraints to our daily routine. We are at our best when we are striving for something hard. These forced constraints help you to do more. These self imposed constraints and limitations will do magic when applied properly. These will help you to focus on what’s most important, and bring out your best work.

We set bigger goals to achieve as big as we can and force ourselves to the new limit. On the road towards success.,you’ll always face a scenario where you fail. But it’s ok to swing and a miss. At Least you swung out of all those who didn’t.

Think Bigger

If the actions and behavior you have adopted, doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, then you are not thinking bigger. Whatever your vision or goal is, struggle like this would be the last ever goal to achieve in  your life. Thinking like this will aid your struggle and you will always do more than before.

Your thoughts work like your muscles. You keep on struggling and you won’t notice at the end what you have achieved. The more you push and bear pain the more astonishing result you will get.

bigger goals

Your thoughts must be accompanied with immediate actions or else after some time you will feel lack of interest in them. Your thoughts will be rotten inside you like an iron bar exposed to open air. Gathering your thoughts in a “Someday” list is the worst thing that could happen to you. 

Thinking about something big, thinking yourself in that beautiful condition and then sending your thoughts to the never ending queue, will earn you nothing. So you need to act immediately and should take initial steps to keep yourself linked with your thoughts.

Don’t let Failure Dominate You

As stated earlier, 92% of the people won’t get success. It’s not bad that you are out of those 92% of people who fail, the bad thing is not to struggle and move out from the list of failed people and make your place in the succeeded ones.

 If you consider your failure a permanent place for your thoughts then you will remain there. You will become prisoner, a slave who does not struggle to change his state of slavery. 

You need to act in order to change your fate. Failure is like a temporary region. Your permanent position is those 8% people.

 Now it’s up to you whether you struggle and try again and again till you get success, or you consider failure as your permanent state of living.  

Identify What your Dreams are

Identifying your bigger goals and dreams is one of the important aspects. This is important because identifying is the first step to start your struggle. So the points below will help you to identify what your dreams are:

1: Make a clear image about your objectives and your bigger goals. If you have duality in mind about your goals,  then there is a greater chance that you may become distracted and get nothing. It is important to focus on your objective.

2: Believing in yourself is important. Believing that you can cope with any difficult situation that you may face when achieving your goals will help you to act accordingly.

3: Stick to your ambitions and never lose hope. Many people in the world  act as the dream crushers. They always show you the darker side of your vision. Never ever listen to them. They themself have achieved nothing in their life and considered the state of failure as their mind’s permanent place to live. 

4: Be confident and sure about the path that you have chosen, once you know that this is the path that you need to follow, then stick to it.

5: Once you have selected a path to follow then Research and planning comes next, this is an important step that will lead you to achieve you bigger goals .Your good friends will help you a lot in the research and planning process.

6: Now keep yourself on the selected track. Don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail, then try again and again till you get success. 

You are always moving forward in your life and taking steps here or there in one direction or other. If you don’t realize that you need to direct your steps towards your bigger goals and ambitions,  then one day you will realize and regret that you should have done this. But at that time you will have nothing but sorrow. 

It’s all up to you whether you want to act now or sorrow tomorrow. The best time to act is to act now.If you want to achieve more in your life then you have to struggle more and should start now.

Setting up bigger goals and getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best things that you can do with your ambitions. When you work hard to achieve your goals you push yourself so hard and eventually become better. This will help you achieve your peak state.Bigger goals always result in bigger achievements.

What are your thoughts on this? Do share your opinion in the  comment section below. 

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